Taramani (2017)


Taramani (2017) by Director Ram was a film that has been making for a few years now and much anticipated as a result. It is supposed to be about the story of people living in the IT hub of Chennai – OMR & Taramani area.

The first scene we see is a vast green cover with plenty of water bodies; you hear Director Ram‘s voice over introducing the area to be Taramani in Chennai of yesteryears. This sets the tone of the film, the voiceovers continue throughout the film which Director Ram says is analogous to a status updates in social media. Let me give you an example of one such update – Thieves are those who steal from you; Police are those who steal from thieves; Hospitals are those who steal both from thieves and police without any reservation. Another example is a statutory warning message like the one which says Whatsapp messages and flirts can be dangerous.

On a rainy day, Andrea Jeremiah takes shelter in a dilapidated bus stand where she encounters a stranger “debut” Vasanth Ravi. The stranger narrates his

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